Embrace the Gap: Reverse Print vs Flood Coats vs Seamless

Sometimes customers want their tape to be a continuous color other than the standard colors we offer on our website.

Having a color other than tan, white or clear helps your tape stand out from the crowd. Many of Amazon’s custom tapes use this printing method.

How do we achieve this request?  There are several options:


Reverse print tapeREVERSE PRINTING is print that’s created by printing the background behind the image, leaving the original tape color to form the copy or imagery.

You can see an example of this in the PartsPak tape illustration on this page. The tape is white, with a black ink that forms the outlines of the lettering and fills the background entirely. Orange ink is used to fill in part of the logo.  The remaining white space on the tape supplies the copy and imagery.  The print is separated by plate gaps.

But some customers find the plate gap an issue and want to avoid them.  There are two ways to eliminate the plate gap – a flood coat or a seamless plate.

With a FLOOD COAT, we print the entire length and width of the tape in the first ink, then use a second, darker ink to print the logo on top. The final results are a colorful and vivid tape. A good example of a flood coat is the blue Chocolate and red Strawberry flood coated tapes illustrated here.  However, there are extra expenses involved due to the large amount of ink used and the slower printing times.

A SEAMLESS PLATE is another option. Instead of attaching the printing plates around one of our standard-sized print cylinders, we have a custom print cylinder created just for you.  The resulting is a print that offers continuous color with no plate gap insight.  Excel Sports decided to go with a seamless plate to have this specific look to their custom tape.  However, the extra charges involved with a seamless plate are high and often most of our customers opt for having the plate gap.

Your budget for custom tape will determine your choices.  There are ways to use the plate gap to your advantage, for example, putting your web address or your social media feeds there.  Otherwise, just embrace the gap and enjoy the unique look that customized tape will bring to your packaging.

Phoenix Tape has spent decades helping customers figure out the best options for their printed tape.  If you are interested in a tape design that’s both colorful and unique, contact us today. Our high-quality branded PVC tape, custom printed polypropylene tape, and eco-friendly paper tape can fit your brand and budget.

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