Why Use Custom Printed Tape?

A huge shift is occurring across the country with business shifting towards shipping directly to consumers.  A necessary requirement is obviously tape.  Getting the most out of your tape is more important than ever before.  From the ever-prevalent polypropylene tape to the incredibly strong paper tape and the versatility of PVC tape Phoenix Tape can provide you with what you need.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose custom printed packing tape over plain tape for your future shipments.

Printed packaging tape1. Promoting your brand and building trust

Printed tape helps your brand get noticed and builds trust. From the moment you seal your package and send it on its way to the moment it arrives at your customer’s doorstep, everyone who encounters your tape will also see your company name, logo, slogan, etc. and know that the contents are intact and secure.  Even before they open their package your custom printed packing tape will show how much you care about your products and your customers.

Piggy Bank Save money buy printed tape2. Saving money

When you use custom printed packing tape to promote your brand, you don’t have to worry about printing your name/logo on boxes. Custom printed polypropylene tape is a great way to promote branding while staying budget-conscious.

Printed boxes can be costly, when you factor in things like setting up plates and colored dyes, the complexity of your artwork and whether you’ll be printing on multiple sizes. You’re also likely to need larger boxes to fit your logo, which means more space in your warehouse.

Plain boxes tend to cost less. You can buy them in smaller quantities than printed boxes, which saves you on the cost of materials and storage.

3. Security

Printed tape, like our custom printed paper tape, protects your products against pilfering and tampering. It’s easy for someone to cut open a piece of plain tape and replace it. But if they tamper with your unique printed tape, people receiving your products will know.  Having that sense of security is more important than ever.

4. Storage and handling

Are you shipping delicate products? Is your product something that needs to be stored at a certain temperature? Does the box contain perishable food items?  Your tape can let people know, carrying messages like “Fragile” or “Handle with care” or “Refrigerate upon receiving” to make sure your products are handled and stored the right way.

Are you ready to make the switch to custom printed packing tape? Phoenix Tape can help. We’ve spent more than 30 years creating secure, eye-catching printed tape offerings for our clients.

Some of our more popular tapes include:

  • Polypropylene tape This tape is great for printing in long runs, as the polymer plate used in the printing process offers a lot of detail. It’s also an affordable choice that comes in a range of different thicknesses.
  • PVC tape – This tape is versatile and manageable, and even thicker and stronger than polypropylene. PVC tape takes more pressure to stick, but once it holds, it holds fast and to a wider range of surfaces.
  • Paper tape – All of our tapes are strong, but paper tape offers an extra dose of strength thanks to the fiberglass threads running through it. It’s useful in industries that ship softer goods such as clothing, or in businesses that have products that aren’t easy to stack.

These are just a few of the tape varieties we offer. Contact us today to find the perfect custom printed packing tape for your products.

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