Updates to Phoenix Tape Shipping for Fall 2020

Printed polypropylene-tape

The summer is flying by here at Phoenix Tape as we all enjoy the warmer weather and try to avoid tropical storms.  While many people across the country are enjoying the idea of summer vacations, our presses haven’t taken any time off. 

In fact, our presses have been running constantly on weekdays and weekends with the increase in orders.  The current trend of shipping online orders has not slowed down at all as states reopen their economies.

We are thrilled to see our customers adapt to the challenges we all face.  We are also doing our best to rise to the occasion.  However, we have seen an increase in our printing and shipping times.  Some of this is due to delays in receiving in the materials and supplies used to print the tape.  Other reasons lie with the internal safety measures we have implemented to keep our staff safe and healthy.

With the coming busy fall season we expect that our wait times to remain the same.  Poly and PVC tapes are approximately 3 weeks.  Paper tapes are approximately 4 weeks.  As your company gets ready for the holiday shopping season we strongly encourage you to evaluate your tape needs and place your orders early.   

Paper Tapes

We are working towards increasing our capacity to combat these challenges. It is our expectation to return to normal lead time in the near future. Under normal circumstances, we try to work with you when there is a deadline to meet. These are not normal circumstances these days and we cannot guarantee that we will be able to ship in faster time.  Be wise and plan far ahead.

Thank you for your patience and thank you for the business. For more information contact us today!