Packing Tape or Duct Tape: Each wins the gold in their own applications.

Packing tape and duct tape share some similarities, as well as differences that have an impact on your usage. When you are preparing packages for moving or shipping, you want to make sure you’ve made the right choice. Seeing everything arrive at its location safely is a benefit that everyone will enjoy.

Here are the considerations you need to keep in mind when buying tape:

Packing Tape’s Differences from Duct Tape in Packing

Packing tape is very different from other types, including duct tape. The type of tape used for packing serves a vastly different function from other types. This tape is pressure-sensitive, designed to hold boxes firmly closed and prevent the items inside from loss or damage.  Most often polypropylene tape is used for sealing cardboard boxes as well as PVC tape.

Duct tape, on the other hand, is more suited to offering a temporary repair than keeping a box sealed. This type of tape tears very easily in comparison to its counterpart used in packaging. Using duct tape to close a box is likely to result in the box opening up during transit.

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The Differences in Applying These Tapes

One of the advantages of using tape designed for packing is that it is easily dispensed with a tape gun. When you opt to use hand-held dispenser, your tape dispenses smoothly. It’s also very easy to get this tape started with minimal hassle or time spent looking for the start of the roll.

Duct tape, on the other hand, is only intended to be pulled directly from the roll. When applying this tape type, everything does not always go smoothly. Duct tape has a tendency to wad and bunch up, making it different from tape used for packing. 

Different Thicknesses for Different Needs

When using packing tape, you are likely to require it for boxes of varying sizes and weights. One of the advantages that packing tape offers is its availability in different thicknesses. For example, polypropylene tape comes in 1.9 mil, 2.5 mil and 2.9 mil so you can choose the best option for your packages. PVC tape comes in 2.2 mil and 3.2 mil.  By using the strongest tape best suited for your shipping needs you won’t have to worry about packages coming apart in transit.

Duct tape, on the other hand, is usually in one thickness that may or may not meet your needs. Although usually sturdy, this tape can tear when used on overpacked boxes. Wrapping a box or package with extra duct tape may make the container more difficult to open.

A Variety of Widths and Lengths for Different Needs

Packing tape can come in different widths and lengths that are suitable for boxes and containers of different sizes. Everything in the boxes or containers will stay more secure with tape that fits the shape more accurately. You will reduce the chance of damage much more easily.  Packing tape is most often available in 2 and 3 inch widths.  The wider the tape, the more adhesion holds the box together.

Duct tape usually comes in a uniform width, although the length may vary. However, this type of tape may be somewhat more difficult to fit to some boxes in unusual sizes or shapes. You may find the security of your items at risk with badly-fitting tape. 
Duct Tape

A Better Overall Fit for All Seasons

When using tape for packing, you can feel confident that the adhesive will hold up to a range of temperature extremes, including some heat and cold. The adhesive needs to stay firmly anchored, regardless. The temperature range of packing tape covers a wider variety of temperatures than other tapes.

Duct tape has a weaker adhesive in comparison. You may find duct take losing some of its adhesion during times of hot or cold weather.

When you’re getting ready to ship packages, the right tape makes a difference. Phoenix Tape offers the tape that you want for all your packing needs and can help answer all of your questions.

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