Custom Packing Tape

No matter your brand or budget, our custom packing tape can make an unforgettable and lasting impression – and it’s easy on the bottom line. Welcome to a fresh take on custom packing tape where you can reap branding and other benefits at an affordable cost.

We make ordering your custom packing tape easy!

We have a streamlined online process that helps you effortlessly order your own custom packing tape. You will be provided with a proof of your custom packing tape so that you will know exactly what you are getting before you place your order. If you need help selecting or customizing your custom packing tape, our tape and packaging experts are also standing by to assist you with product selection, ordering, and answer any questions you may have.

Ordering custom packing tape is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Order
    Choose your tape, select your desired ink color(s), and upload your artwork.
  2. Proof approval
    Within 2-3 business days, we will send you an electronic proof to review and approve.
  3. Delivery
    We will print and ship your tape within 3 weeks of proof approval.

Types of Custom Packing Tape

Custom packing tape not only helps you tangibly connect with your customers, but also has practical utility as your shipments travel from point A to point B. We carry several types of tape so that you can choose the best one to serve your needs.

Custom printed polypropylene packing tape

One of the most popular tape varieties, our custom polypropylene tape is an economical, cost-efficient choice that allows you to print up to three ink colors. You can identify polypropylene by the crackling sound it makes when you pull it from its roll. This custom packing tape option has a glossy finish and features a hot melt adhesive.

  • Most popular custom packing tape
  • Economical and cost-efficient
  • Allows up to three ink colors
  • Distinguished by “crackling” sound
  • Glossy finish
  • Hot melt adhesive

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Visit our product page to order or contact our sales and design team to learn more about custom polypropylene packing tape.

Custom printed PVC packing tape

Short for polyvinyl chloride, PVC is a frustration-free custom printed packing tape that works well on many surfaces. Unlike polypropylene, PVC tape is quiet when you pull it from its roll and doesn’t stick to itself. It is thick and strong enough to handle heavy-duty packaging needs for large parts and heavy supplies. It is easy to tear by hand and features a surface that allows for three ink colors.

  • Bonds to many surfaces
  • Quiet when pulling from its roll
  • Easy to manage
  • Thick and strong
  • Allows for three ink colors
  • Flat finish
  • Hot melt adhesive

Visit our product page to order or contact our sales and design team to learn more about custom PVC packing tape.

Custom printed paper packing tape

Also known as kraft tape, paper tape is an eco-friendly, water-activated option that bonds neatly to new or recycled cardboard boxes – and even dusty surfaces. Compatible with our desktop paper tape dispenser, paper packing tape contains fiberglass threads that form a permanent bond, which can improve security and packaging integrity. Ideal for loose, soft goods such as clothing, food products, and pharmaceuticals, custom paper packing tape is a versatile solution that can even be used for heavy or overfilled cartons.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Permanent bond deters pilfering and tampering
  • Highly printable
  • Durable and odorless
  • Bonds easily to new or recycled cardboard and dusty surfaces
  • Designed for use with our desktop tape dispenser

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Visit our product page to order or contact our sales and design team to learn more about custom paper packing tape.

Custom printed filament tape

Our filament tape is a utility-grade strapping tape that resists solvents and moisture. It features a synthetic rubber adhesive with a long-lasting bond and a crack- and split- resistant backing. Choose this custom packing tape for bundling applications, closing cartons, package reinforcement, securing cargo while in transit, and other specialty uses.

  • Utility-grade strapping tape
  • Moisture- and solvent-resistant
  • Synthetic rubber adhesive
  • Long-lasting bond
  • Split- and crack-resistant backing

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Visit our product page to order or contact our sales and design team to learn more about custom filament packing tape.

Custom printed hi-tack freezer tape

While some custom packing tapes lose their effectiveness in cold climates, freezer tape stays sticky in frigid temperatures below 20°F, making it ideal for cold storage applications. When designing your custom freezer tape, choose up to three ink colors for printing on either white or clear tape.

  • Excellent for cold storage applications
  • Adheres in extremely low temperatures
  • 20°F application temperature minimum
  • -15°F service temperature minimum

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Visit our product page to order or contact our sales and design team to learn more about custom freezer packing tape.

Custom printed flatback tape

Stronger than traditional masking tape, flatback custom packing tape is ideal for masking, edging, binding, and splicing. Low-tack adhesive properties make it easy to apply and remove with little to no residue. This custom packing tape is also easy to dispense and tear, making it a user-friendly option for a variety of applications.

  • Stronger than traditional masking tape
  • Leaves little to no residue
  • Easy to dispense and tear
  • Use for masking, edging, binding, and splicing

Visit our product page to order or contact our sales and design team to learn more about custom flatback packing tape.

Packing tape dispensers

We carry two types of packing tape dispensers: paper tape dispensers and hand tape dispensers.Paper tape dispenser

  • Designed for use with custom printed paper tape
  • Dispenses up to 30” of paper tape with one pull
  • Handles our 3” paper tape in all three lengths

Hand tape dispenser

  • Designed for use with polypropylene and PVC custom packing tapes
  • Choose a 2” or 3” dispenser, depending on your packing tape width
  • Foam handle

Visit our product page to order or contact our sales and design team to learn more about tape dispensers.

Which custom packing tape is right for you?

With so many options to choose from, how do you know which custom packing tape is right for your application, budget, and brand? Before choosing, consider the following factors about some of our most-ordered custom printed tape:

Package weight – The varying thicknesses of packing tape accommodate different package weights. Be sure to align your package weight requirements with the tape’s thickness to ensure your custom tape performs its best.

Print detail – When it comes to plastic custom packing tape, the level of design detail dictates your ideal product match. Polypropylene packing tape is better suited for intricate designs, whereas either PVC or polypropylene can handle more simplified designs.

Application temperature – The primary temperature consideration is whether you will be using the packing tape in cold storage applications. If you are, look to hi-tack freezer tape that will maintain excellent adhesion at temperatures below 20°F.

Durability – If you use packing tape for heavy-duty applications, such as packaging large parts or heavy supplies, consider a strong and durable option. PVC custom packing tape is thick and robust enough to handle tough – and not-so-tough – jobs.

Environment noise levels – If you’re planning to use your packing tape in a quiet office setting or an area where noise levels are low, consider what we call the “quiet” tape: PVC. Unlike polypropylene that is most known for the crackling noise it produces when you pull it from its roll, PVC makes less noise and tends not to stick to itself.

Budget – As our most popular custom packing tape, polypropylene is an economical choice that doesn’t skimp on quality. It usually costs less than other tapes while still delivering excellent printability and a range of thicknesses to accommodate your application needs.

Custom packing tape logo design checklist

Before ordering custom packing tape, take a moment to review your logo make sure it doesn’t have any potential printing pitfalls. A design that looks best printed on tape will:

  • Be simple
  • Be distinct
  • Be versatile
  • Be in a vector design file format
  • Have easy-to-read font
  • Have a thoughtful color combination

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5 Reasons to use custom packing tape

Beyond its practical use, custom packing tape has several surprising benefits for companies of all sizes, including:

  1. Build customer loyaltyInstead of sending your customer a no-name box just like all the others, what better way to make it more memorable than to deliver one thoughtfully wrapped in your design? They are sure to appreciate the attention to detail and may even be more inclined to make a future purchase.
  2. Increase brand visibilityYou don’t need to be a branding expert to know that increased visibility of your company’s name and logo can translate to bottom line-boosting perks. Repeated exposure to your design helps grab attention, just like a mini-billboard.
  3. Add securityThanks to the inability to seamlessly reseal upon opening, custom printed packing tape can help deter tampering and pilfering. It can also make it easier to distinguish from the rest when a package goes missing or is misplaced in transit. For added peace of mind, ask us about tamper-evident tape.
  4. Spend lessAny savvy business knows that one of the secrets to economic success is minimizing cost and maximizing return. Custom packing tape is a lower-cost alternative to printed boxes, yet it has many of the same brand-building benefits.
  5. Easier handlingIf you routinely ship fragile items, custom printed packing tape can communicate the handling requirements to shipping and receiving teams to ensure your package arrives safe and sound.

Choose Phoenix-Tape for your custom packing tape needs!

We’ve spent nearly 35 years providing affordable custom packing tape to businesses of all sizes. Our mission is to educate others on using printed tape as a cost-effective way to tell your brand story while still providing the superior adhesive performance you need to secure your packages.

  • Quality service since 1985
  • Affordable prices
  • Serve small and large businesses
  • In-house production
  • Sales and design assistance
  • Easy online ordering

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