Paper Tape

Group of custom printed paper tape

Paper tape is a versatile packaging solution that packs a big punch. It’s highly printable to ensure your logo or design appears front and center throughout the shipping process. It also contains fiberglass threads that help this eco-friendly and water-activated tape affix securely and neatly to packaging. Its high-tensile strength seals so tightly that it acts as a security measure to help prevent tampering. And the permanent bond sticks to new or recycled cardboard boxes, even if they’re dirty and dusty! Choose custom paper tape for a lasting bond to secure a variety of items, from loose, soft goods to heavy, and overfilled cartons.

What is paper tape?

In addition to its strength, a few other notable features of paper tape include:

  • Activated by water 
  • Ideally suited for securing heavier shipments 
  • Requires a paper tape dispenser that wets and cuts the tape 

Our paper tape options

Group of custom printed paper tape

Available in a 3-inch width, our paper tape comes with a variety of options so that you can customize this packaging solution to meet your needs.

Thickness – Our regular reinforced 240-grade paper tape is ideal for boxes up to 30 lbs. For heavier loads up to 55 lbs., opt for heavy-duty reinforced 260-grade tape.

  • Reinforced 240 grade (6.3 mil) – up to 30 lb. packages
  • Heavy-duty reinforced 260 grade (7.0 mil) – up to 55 lb. packages
  • Extra Heavy Duty 270 grade available upon request  

Lengths – How much paper tape do you need? Our custom rolls come in lengths of 375-feet, 450-feet, and 500-feet. For more cost- and time-efficiency most of our customers choose the 450 foot length.

  • 375 feet (8 rolls per case/3,000 feet total)
  • 450 feet (10 rolls per case/4,500 feet total)
  • 500 feet (6 rolls per case/3,000 feet total)

Tape color – If you’re going for paper tape that has an inherently “natural” look, opt for the tan color to best capture that authentic “kraft” paper feel. If you’re after a lighter color, we also carry white tape that can make your logo and design pop.

  • Tan (natural)
  • White

Number of ink colors – Because of its high printability, paper tape is an ideal choice for visually stunning logos and designs. Whether your design is one-, two-, or three-colors, this packaging option will help make your brand shine. 

  • One color
  • Two colors
  • Three colors 

Ink colors – Here’s where paper tape customization sets the stage for your logo or design to come alive. In addition to 11 vibrant PMS colors, we also offer custom PMS colors to ensure your tape seamlessly blends with your brand identity.

Colors available for custom printed tape at Phoenix Tape
  • Black
  • White
  • Reflex blue
  • Process blue
  • Red PMS 199
  • Green PMS 347
  • Orange PMS 165
  • Yellow PMS 108
  • Burgundy PMS 222
  • Gray PMS 431
  • Brown PMS 476
  • Custom PMS

Case quantities – We offer case quantities of 5, 10, 25, or 60 cases. When specifying the amount you need, bear in mind that the price per case decreases as the number of cases increase. Use our interactive product page to calculate the price for your order.

  • 5 cases
  • 10 cases
  • 25 cases
  • 60 cases

Benefits of paper tape

There are many reasons to take the plunge if you’re considering paper tape for your company’s packaging solutions. Enjoy these and other benefits of making paper tape part of your company’s branding and packaging standards:

Custom printed paper tape is environmentally friendly
  • Environmentally friendly – Both the paper and the water-based adhesive are eco-friendly and produced sustainably. You can safely recycle it right along with your shipping box!
  • Secure – Like an envelope, the incredibly strong bond permanently adheres to your packaging. The fiberglass threads give paper tape its high tensile strength that can help keep thieves away because there’s virtually no way for their tampering to go unnoticed.
  • Highly printable – Customizing paper tape with your logo or design can enhance your brand image and increase exposure during transit. The high printability quality of paper tape lends the ideal backdrop for your packaging to grab attention instead of merely blending in with all the rest. 
  • Odorless – If your company ships food or food-grade products, paper tape may just be the packaging solution that you need to ensure your goods remain free of odor.
  • Versatile– Many clients love that our paper tape sticks neatly to many different products and surfaces, including new or recycled cardboard. Unlike other tapes that might give way to dirt and dust, paper tape maintains its excellent bond. In fact, it sticks so well that you can secure your packages with just one strip of tape!
  • Durable – No matter the environmental conditions, custom paper tape is strong enough can withstand a range of different environments while maintaining its bond and integrity.
  • Cost-effective – Unlike printed boxes that can cost a fortune, paper tape delivers a similar customized look and the same branding benefits at a fraction of the price (and storage space).

Order custom paper tape 

If you’re ready to order custom paper tape, our website makes it quick and easy to select what you need, upload your artwork, and sit back while we do the rest! Check out our streamlined ordering, production, and delivery process that you takes just three simple steps: 

  1. Place an order
    Head to our paper tape product page to select your desired options and upload your artwork. Choose your preferred thickness, length, tape color, number of ink colors, ink colors, and quantity to see the per-case price.
  2. Review and approve a proof
    Now that we have your product selections and artwork, our team will begin mocking up your design. We will send an electronic proof for you to review and approve within 2-3 business days after receiving your order.
  3. Receive your order
    After you approve your proof, our production team will get to work setting up our presses for your order. We will print and ship your tape in approximately three weeks of proof approval.

Would you prefer to order paper tape by phone or in-person instead of online? Our sales and design team is here to help!

Do you need a paper tape dispenser?

The paper in this type of custom packaging tape is made using the “kraft” process, the primary paper-making method that converts wood into pulp. Consisting of nearly pure cellulose fibers, pulp is the central component of paper. The term “kraft” in German means “strength,” which describes one of the most advantageous features of paper tape – it’s extremely strong!

Our custom paper tape requires a paper tape dispenser for use. This large desktop machine is designed specifically for all three lengths of paper tape. It wets the tape using a water brush that activates the very sticky adhesive and then cuts the tape to a pre-determined length. 

If this is your first time ordering paper tape, check out our paper tape dispenser page to learn more about the M1 Tape Dispenser, including features such as:

  • Built-in water brush activates the adhesive
  • Dispenses up to 30” of paper tape with one pull
  • Handles our 3” paper tape in all three lengths

Reasons to customize your paper tape

Red and black custom printed paper tape

Our custom paper tape is strong enough to reinforce not only your packaging, but also your brand. When you print your logo or design on paper tape, you’re helping to:

  1. Enhance customer loyalty
    You’ve worked hard to develop a product your customers’ value and trust, so why not give them an experience to remember every time they receive a shipment? This level of conscientious packaging can help make your recipients feel special and increase the possibility of future reorders and referrals.
  2. Boost your brand’s visibility
    Custom printed paper tape is just like a mini-billboard that promotes your company name and logo to help increase brand visibility. The more people who see your design, the higher the chance of generating new and repeat business that can translate to a growing bottom line.
  3. Prevent pilfering and tampering
    Thanks to the fiberglass threads, paper tape boasts incredible tensile strength that makes it difficult for tampering or pilfering to go unnoticed. Unlike other tapes that are easy to peel off and reseal, custom paper tape forms a permanent bond that keeps your packaging safe and secure.
  4. Save money (and space)
    If you’re on the fence about ordering custom printed boxes vs. printed paper tape, the decision often comes down to dollars and cents. Whereas custom boxes can be expensive – and take up precious storage square footage – custom tape costs much less and requires minimal storage space. Get the same bang with less buck when you choose printed tape instead of printed boxes. 
  5. Make package handling easier
    Printed paper tape doesn’t merely display logos and designs. It can also help you deliver much-needed handling instructions for fragile items. You can even print opening and care instructions for the recipient to ensure the product inside stays safe.

Your source for custom paper tape

We’re 35-year veterans in the custom packaging tape industry. We pride ourselves on delivering affordable solutions to companies of all sizes to help them enhance their brand image – for less. We have a highly-skilled in-house design and production team ready to help you tell your story.

If you’re looking for a packaging partner that can deliver superior adhesive performance and unparalleled in-house custom printing capabilities, look to our team of professionals for the value and service you deserve. 

  • Established in 1985
  • Affordable prices
  • Easy online ordering
  • Small and large companies welcome
  • In-house production
  • Sales and design assistance

Ready to get started? Get a quote online or reach out to our sales and design team to learn more about custom paper tape for your business.

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