PVC Tape

A premium quality tape with a smooth unwind, PVC tape is a thick and durable packaging solution designed to handle your heavy-duty needs. Often called “the quiet tape,” PVC tape pulls off the roll with little noise, making it an ideal option for low-volume spaces. Whether you’re shipping large parts, heavy supplies, or another sturdy package, PVC is the powerhouse of packaging tapes.

What is PVC tape?

PVC tape is a premium quality packaging option that’s thicker and stronger than polypropylene tape. It’s versatile enough to handle even the toughest of packaging jobs – from large parts to heavy supplies. PVC tape boasts a flat finish and hot melt adhesive that add to its appeal and performance. Because it’s easy to dispense with virtually no noise, many companies using it. 

When it comes to PVC tape, keep these quick facts in mind:

  • Quiet when pulled off the roll
  • Easy to use
  • Premium quality for heavy-duty applications
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How to customize PVC tape

When ordering our PVC tape, there are many ways to customize it for your company’s branding and packaging needs.

Thickness – An already thick and strong tape, PVC comes in two 2.2 mil and 3.2 mil thicknesses based on the weight of your packages. Choose the one you need to handle even your toughest jobs.

  • 2.2 mil – for sealing boxes up to 40 lbs.
  • Heavy Duty 3.2 mil – for sealing boxes over 40 lbs.

Widths – When determining the best PVC tape for you, also consider the width you’ll need. Our PVC comes in both 2- and 3-inch widths. Depending on the width you choose, the number of rolls per case differs.  

  • 2 inches (36 rolls per case)
  • 3 inches (24 rolls per case)

Lengths – In addition to thickness and width, you can also decide your desired roll length. Our custom PVC tape rolls are available in 55- and 110-yard lengths.

  • 55 yards 
  • 110 yards 

Tape color – PVC tape is available in eight different colors, including clear, all featuring a flat finish. When determining the best tape color, consider the colors of your packaging and design. Not sure which tape color is best for your application or which ink color looks good on which tape color? Ask our sales and design experts for assistance.

  • White
  • Tan
  • Clear
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Pumpkin orange
  • Blue

Number of ink colors – How many colors are in your design? Whether it’s one, two, or three, our printing presses are equipped to make your design pop. 

  • One color
  • Two colors
  • Three colors

Ink colors – Most companies love that we offer an extensive array of vibrant standard PMS colors and custom PMS colors to ensure their design aligns seamlessly with all their other packaging and branding materials. Which color(s) will you choose?

Available Colors

  • Black
  • White
  • Reflex blue
  • Process blue
  • Red PMS 199
  • Green PMS 347
  • Orange PMS 165
  • Yellow PMS 108
  • Burgundy PMS 222
  • Gray PMS 431
  • Brown PMS 476
  • Custom PMS

Case quantity price breaks – Depending on the quantities you need, we offer price breaks in case quantities of 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, and 60. The way it works is simple: the more cases you order, the less it costs per roll. Our interactive product page makes it easy to calculate your price based on your desired quantity. 

  • 1 case
  • 2 cases
  • 5 cases
  • 10 cases
  • 25 cases
  • 60 cases
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Reasons to choose PVC tape

If you’re browsing the many available custom packaging tapes, there are several reasons to take a second look at PVC tape. When you choose this versatile and durable option, you’ll take advantage of its many benefits:

  • Quiet – Unlike polypropylene that has that distinct crackling sound when you pull it from its roll, PVC tape has a quiet and smooth unwind that won’t disturb others.
  • Durable – As a premium quality tape, PVC is so thick and strong that it can handle your most heavy-duty packaging applications, including large parts and heavy supplies.
  • Easy to manage – If you’ve ever pulled a long strip of tape from its roll and it stuck to itself, you know how frustrating it can be. PVC is less likely to give you that same hassle – and it’s easier to get unstuck should that happen.
  • Strong adhesion – As you might expect from a premium and durable tape like PVC, it lends superior adhesion on a variety of surfaces with the right surface pressure.
  • Versatile color options – Unlike other tapes with only a select few color options, PVC tape comes in a wide range of eight colors, including clear. Choose from white, tan, clear, red, yellow, green, pumpkin orange, or blue.
  • Highly printable – PVC tape allows you to select up to three design colors on any of the selected tape colors, each with a flat finish. Whether your design is one-, two-, or three-colors, we have 11 PMS colors and the option to select a custom PMS to ensure your design matches your brand standards.
  • Boost brand exposure – When you choose custom PVC tape to seal your packages, you’re creating something like a mini-billboard for your brand. Everywhere your packages go, people are sure to notice the stunning design that represents your company’s attention to detail.
  • Cost-effective – A significantly less expensive option than custom printed boxes, PVC tape helps you enjoy some of the same brand visibility benefits for much less. 

How to order custom PVC tape 

Our website makes it simple and easy to order custom PVC tape for your company. Follow along with our streamlined three-step process to see how our custom ordering process works.

  1. Place an order
    Visit the PVC tape product page to select your desired customizations, such as width, length, tape color, number of ink colors, ink colors, and quantity. Then, upload your artwork in one of our many approved file types, including PNG, TIF, TIFF, JPG, JPEG, PDF, AI, PSD, ZIP, or EPS.
  2. Review and approve your proof
    Now that your order is in our system, our team will contact you within 2-3 business days to email you an electronic proof. This proof will represent what your PVC tape will look like after it is printed. Once you like what you see, submit your approval so that we can continue to production. 
  3. Receive your order
    After you approve the electronic proof we provide, it’s time for us to get to work producing your PVC tape order. Expect for us to produce and ship your PVC tape order in approximately three weeks of receiving your proof approval. 

Not into online ordering? Our sales and design team is here to take your order by phone or in-person.

Custom PVC tape FAQ

PVC Tape

What’s the difference between PVC tape and polypropylene tape?
Unlike quiet PVC tape, polypropylene makes a distinct crackling noise when it’s pulled from the roll. Additionally, PVC tape is thicker than polypropylene and isn’t prone to sticking to itself. If you have a heavy-duty application, PVC is often the superior choice. However, if cost and longer print runs are what you need, look to polypropylene.

How can I customize PVC tape?
You can customize our PVC tape in many ways to ensure it aligns with your other packaging and brand materials. The customizations start with your choice of length and width. Now, move on to selecting the best tape color to complement your design. We have eight different colors in a flat finish to choose from. Finally, select up to three of our PMS colors – or provide your PMS code, and we’ll match it. When you’re done customizing, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind tape that will help your package stand out from the others.

Is PVC tape affordable?
Yes, absolutely. Especially when compared to the expense of custom printed boxes, custom PVC tape costs only a fraction of the price. For over 35 years, we’ve made it our mission to supply affordable custom printed tape to companies big and small. No matter your budget, we’ll find the best solution to meet your needs.

How long will my order take?
Placing an order online is quick and easy, thanks to our streamlined interactive online ordering experience. After we receive your order, we’ll create an electronic proof for you to approve within 2-3 business days. Once we receive your approval on the proof, we’ll produce and ship your PVC tape order in approximately three weeks.

Is PVC tape the best option for me?
If you need a premium, versatile, heavy-duty, and manageable custom printed tape, you can’t go wrong with PVC. This thick and strong option is quiet, easy to peel and manage, and forms a strong bond that adheres well to many different types of surfaces. Learn more about selecting the best tape for you on our blog.

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