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How to Strengthen Your Brand with Custom Printed Tape

When you ship your products, the tape you choose has one job: to secure your packaging.

But your tape is capable of so much more.

It can tell the world who you are and strengthen your brand. Here’s how:

Custom printed tape increases your visibility

When you seal your packaging with custom printed tape, your brand remains front and center from the day you ship to the moment your product reaches its destination. With commerce increasingly being conducted online, printed tape allows you to stand out.

Custom printed tape can save you money

When compared to printed boxes, custom printed tape offers saves on costs.

When you purchase a printed box, the box maker will likely require a significant minimum order number, which consumes valuable floor space in your facility.

Using custom printed tape with a plain box will cost you considerably less. The minimum order for plain boxes will be much smaller than for printed boxes. This lets you save cash and floor space, allowing you to use those resources for other aspects of your business.

Custom printed tape can improve handling and storage processes

Printed tape allows you to use messaging or instructions like “Handle with Care” or “Fragile” on your packaging, thus improving the chances your products will be handled, shipped and stored properly, allowing them to get to your customers unharmed.

Custom printed tape can protect your products

While every business does its best to prevent damages, tampering or theft during shipping, these things still happen. And fewer things can weaken your brand more than customer complaints about damaged or missing goods.

But with the right custom printed tape, pilfering and tampering become less likely. Your tape would be unique to your company, reducing the possibility of tampering or theft along your supply chain. In addition, printed tape can improve traceability, by using bar code and QR codes that help direct inventory internally or with shipments from one facility to the next.

You can also order stock printed tape with standard messaging like “If Seal is Broken, Check Contents before Accepting Delivery.”

With custom printed tape, your business will make a good impression

Using custom printed tape shows your customers you care about making a good first impression, about attention to detail and most of all about quality.

If you’re searching for a way to enhance your brand – while ensuring the safety and quality of your products – turn to Phoenix Tape.

We’ve spent the last 33 years creating quality custom printed for big and small companies alike, with an in-house production and creative team that’s ready to give your brand the exposure you need at an affordable cost.

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